Progress Minimal…

But Functional.

Got a little done on the bottom details.  Had to move those little forward vents inward to correctly line up the red markings with the sunken underside detail…

Also began work on some more panel details.  They look a little “flat” to me, and due to lack of space and a few silly errors on my part they are far from accurate.  I think the view port is a little too large.

I’ve been working mostly with estimations from reference images of the travel pod model, since I didn’t have any decent blueprints.  And though I am very pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far, I’m seriously considering a scrap and redo of the overall object to more correctly reflect the curvature of the outer hull.  I had every intention of manipulating the outer hull of this model once the detail was complete; mostly to taper the rear so that it was a little more narrow than the front.  I realize now that might be more difficult and complex than I had anticipated.  With that in mind I’ve begun some experiments on a new outer hull and am using some recently obtained drawings that might help a bit in the curvature area.

Not perfect, but a little better shape-wise.  I may have a billion more polygons than necessary however. 😉  I just keep telling myself “It’s all an experiment.”


~ by starstation on July 11, 2010.

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