I’m a Doctor, Not A Photoshop Artist!

Um well… Maybe not.  Photoshop sounds cool.  I think I’ll stick with that.   Besides, blood makes me fai…haint…

I rendered several images of my new sickbay (the put-off plan of the year) and was not totally satisfied with any of them, though I was pleased by certain elements. The lighting has been a chore, and one problem I’ve yet to figure out is how the biobeds (when lit along the sides) manage to illuminate one half of their upper surfaces.  Much confusion there.

I decided I would blend  a couple of them together in Photoshop and try to fake some things.  Interestingly, the overhead lights for the two central beds were not both lit in the two images I combined.  Only one or the other was lit in either of the images.  I was able to layer and erase multiple times until I was pleased with the outcome.

Still, a lot of work to do.  The biobeds are my third attempt and naturally will need more attempts until I am satisfied (or beyond frustration)

The floor is as little problematic as well.  In the films it appeared to be something of a white rubbery mat with circular wholes in an offset grid pattern.  Trying to emulate that with a pattern in the texture and bump channels has been minimally successful.

I am pleased with the graphics for the biobed monitors. 😀  I threw it together on Saturday using several reference sources from around the web.  Some were well done fan recreations and some were from actual (claimed so) props.  But  since nobody seemed to be in total agreement, there are some labels that have not yet been applied to the graphic readouts.


~ by starstation on July 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “I’m a Doctor, Not A Photoshop Artist!”

  1. You blow me away! I just sit here shaking my head at the amazing things you can do on the computer.

    The fact that you even have these artistic and technical problems to deal with, is a testament to your creativity and the quality of the programs you use.

    Imagine trying to paint all of that in MS-Paint! 😦 😛

    • Thanks so much. It is fun to overcome technical problems, but sometimes it seems the more I learn the more complex things seem to get. 😀 Just that sharp learning curve they warn you about I guess.
      MS-Paint. Wow, talk about the dark ages. 😀 It’s funny I was just joking with a friend the other day about the worthlessness of that program when I was away form my home computer and trying to doing a simple task with MS-Paint so I could post an image. Needless to say, it was not successful.

  2. Hey they look great to me… as a medic I am straining to understand what metrics the biobed readouts use. Just what about the brain is it monitoring? lol

    I think there’s an intention behind each bed being in its own bed, and that is isolation force fields, or if you hang a curtain, privacy. It would make it feel lived in with a curtain drawn, the form of someone on the bed inside. 😀

    • I’ve always loved Trek sickbays, since The Original Series. I don’t pretend to know exactly what they read myself but it always seemed convincing to me. 😀

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