Revision Disappointment

Well a little less than lack luster results anyway.  I noticed I had made the curved bulkhead frames too steep as they approached the ceiling.  At first I thought they angled all the way up, but I realized from another screen shot that they eventually leveled off, perfectly horizontal as they crossed overhead.  After I rebuilt those and even did some more angling of the the bulkheads behind the biobeds, I figured I would attack the biobeds themselves.  I found a nice Phase II concept drawing of a bed from some officer’s quarters that at least seemed to fit the profile of the beds that ended up in sickbay.  I still can’t quite figure out the structure of the underside of the beds.  Low and behold, after I put in the new beds, I think I actually prefer my previous incarnations despite their inaccuracies. I also began adding doors and even started on a nurses desk that is also not entirely accurate to the version on film, what little of it is actually revealed on camera.  I have no idea what the base looks like and it has a large built in viewer that reminds me of an early desktop PC with the monitor, keyboard and computer itself all built into one unit.  I’m not entirely sure I care for that version though, never mind how difficult it will be to reproduce such an organic shaped structure (my biggest weakness.)  This version I simply made from the shape indicated on the Stage 9 plans I am using.

Floor texture is also still giving me grief.


~ by starstation on August 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Revision Disappointment”

  1. Hi there! I have been following your site for a while and I LOVE the design of your work. I have always been a huge fan of TMP set designs and of the various stuff I’ve seen online, yours seems to be the best.

    In reading your post about rendering the nurse’s station in sickbay I figured I’d help out and send you this screencap:

    It’s from TNG episode “Code of Honor”. The transporter console the officer is standing at is the original nurse’s station from TMP’s sickbay set. It’s been repainted, but it gives you and good look at what the base looks like. I think it shows up in a few other 1st season TNG episodes, maybe “Datalore”

    Anyway, I hope this helps!


    • Thanks Ralph. That is very helpful indeed (The link didn’t work btw, but I was able to go directly to Trekcore and look it up there). I haven’t watched that episode in long time, though I did look at those screen caps not too long ago to get some reference images of that big cargo door in the background. It never occurred to me that was the old nurses station! 😀 Sure enough they painted it and covered it with that “TNG liner tape” to give it some detail.

      I can’t say I too enamored with the overall structure. Looks especially bulky. But at least I have a starting point now if I decide to build it. 😀

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