The New Version Takes Shape

Here is an early WIP render of my new version of Star Station India.  It is mostly a scale test, but I also wanted to test some of the smooth surfaces out.

I used 2 beautiful meshes, Kevin Riley’s Phobos and Dennis Bailey’s Enterprise A, to help populate the piers.  I also used my McCook, which is fairly complete, and a couple of somewhat under established ship models, a Miranda and an Abbe.  I had to borrow some parts from Dennis’s older Enterprise-A to make them even remotely presentable though; a saucer for the Abbe and some nacelles for both.  Hopefully I can finish my warp nacelles someday soon and I will feel free to complete my movie-era primary hull.  With that, the Abbe will be  a breeze to complete (the Miranda, not so much 😉 )


~ by starstation on August 23, 2010.

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