Let The Greebles Begin

The fleet begins to arrive

I added in the lower ring section and I now have enough of the main structure set up that I’ll feel better about adding some detailing.  That way, I can make better decisions about any major alterations to the main frame. I set up where the docking ports will actually be by putting in some early gangway structures.  I added some landing bays and even reserved some sections on top for “landing pad” action.  I’ve placed some major “window lines” in the piers to suggest the major areas of habitation.  There are two major trails of windows above and below the docking ports.  The top row of windows makes its way around the entire structure of the pier with only minor gaps here and there.  That primary level is something like an open plan airport with access to most “gates” of the pier available just below that level.  Although it is all one station, each arch and pier is something of an independent wing or a separate building in a sort of office complex structure.  They are of course all joined at a central core but each one is a separate unit.  For me it was mostly for aesthetic reasons, but if I had to rationalize it, I would say that it is to help accommodate some of the larger or more ungainly vessels that won’t fit against most of the other pier structures.  The four inner piers stick out further and have fewer walled encumbrances.  The arches and the central hub of course will eventually have large sections of windows for office space and living/guest quarters.

A view from below after the lower ring was added.  No detailing as yet.

I’ve toyed with the idea of giving the station some back story.  One idea I had came was having Starfleet officers and crew quickly nicknaming the base “Hummer Station” or “The Bird Feeder” because of its shape and overall function.   I got the notion sitting on my porch this Labor Day weekend watching our hummingbirds buzz around and taking sips.  I figured this could be a major refueling station on the frontier regions.

I was finally able to finish some major speed bumps in my construction of the standard Starfleet warp nacelle.  I was able to eventually replace all the borrowed warp nacelles I was using as stand-ins for my larger WIP ships.  The nacelles are not fully completed but their overall structure was sufficient that I could put them in place and not feel guilty. 😉  It also left me confident enough to add in another of my long time WIP ships that I’ve never revealed before; the Northampton class.


~ by starstation on September 8, 2010.

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