Gangway Gets a Go

Filling In the Details

Filling in some details for the standard gangway.  Using the low detail version I currently have on the station, I started an all new model that focuses on this gangway.  I imported all the elements I would need from other models so I could begin concentrating the details here.

I’ve utilized the docking arm from my drydock model at the tip, though I am not sure I will keep it as the functioning piece there or build a new version.  Naturally I changed the colors. 😉   I’ve also imported some major elements of the standard docking rings and the “11001001” Starbase 74 gangway reproduction I’ve begun, but I have yet to incorporate them into the model.

On the station’s low res version I just threw some primitive parts together, but here I’ve had to flesh them out and center some of the elements more carefully to ensure they could swing on the proper axes and make full clearance.  I’ve even added, at the last minute, a retractable wall around the extender section to enclose the sections unoccupied by the rotatable gangway.  I’m not sure what if any purpose it serves other than looking somewhat functional and kinda cool.

I will start on the docking ring gangway next and figure out what third docking method I want to incorporate.  It may end up only having a standard female docking port so travel pods and shuttles could stop there.  That might also be the best method to hook up modular gangways so they could be switched out to serve more uncommon vehicles.  That is kind of what I envisioned on the original model all those years ago, but I never fleshed it out.


~ by starstation on October 14, 2010.

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