Some Days You Get The Tangent…

Some Days The Tangent Gets You

The Abbe Class, from above port-aft.

Ok, I’ll admit I was listening to my new Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Ron Jones Project soundtrack CDs and just had to quote that Riker line (with revision) from “Data’s Day.”  😉

As I was working on my Star Station India and moving all the little ships around to get a better feel for things, I just wasn’t comfortable using stand-ins of other peoples’ model parts (though greatly appreciated at the time) for my own short comings.  Whole models?  No problem.  But cannibalized hulls and engines just makes you feel… dirty.  😉  I knew I had to dive back into this ship, the Abbe class, which I hadn’t touched in quite sometime.

I mentioned her back in February of ’09 in An Old Diversion, but the only significant feature I had managed to even partially model was the weapons pod, though I had begun some facsimile connector pylons for the engines and primary hull.  Now that I have some nearly complete warp engines, I decided I could get back to the grindstone and at least start on her impulse engines.  The primary hull is a copy and paste (and mirror) from my Miranda class WIP.  (She’s mine, so I don’t feel dirty)

Zoom zoom zoom.

The impulse engine cowling

I’ve been studying the few CGI images I have of an Abbe class model by an artist named Krisztián Szijj.  It is simply the finest version of this ship I have yet seen.  My only other reference imagery of the ship came from my copy of Jackill’s Starfleet Reference Manual: Ships of the Fleet, Vol. 1 by Eric Kristiansen.  It is the older version before his revisions and updates.  And so, I’ve been looking rather intently over Krisztián Szijj’s interpretation in order to get some bearings.  My experiments on the Northampton’s impulse engines came in very handy here (and no I don’t feel dirty)


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4 Responses to “Some Days You Get The Tangent…”

  1. This is co-favorite with the Phobos class. A ship with a readily identifiable mission … an artllery ship. In practice that means she’s far more than just launching more torpedos in a battle than the other guy.

    • I think that is why I love it so much as well. It too shares “co-favorite” with the Phobos for me; for non-canon designs that is. Constitution (refit) and Miranda still hold the crown for canon ships in my book, even though I consider them all equals (there is plenty of joy to spread around). The Abbe and Loknar (refit) classes are distinct and yet still clearly belong with the other ships in Starfleet. I simply love the “variations on a theme” principle. It’s like looking at two different pieces of the same set of china; they may do different things, but you know they belong together. They are also a testament to the creativity of those fans that have put them in our minds as rivals to such beautiful iconic designs.

      Well, that and she kicks butt. 😉

  2. Beautiful design work. I especially love the way you’ve reinterpreted the traditional impulse exhaust and given it more depth.

    What software do you use for your illustration?

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