Killing Two Birds…

With One Impulse Deflection Crystal

The Miranda Class gets her impulse engines

After achieving some success with the Abbe Class impulse engines, I thought I would attempt that same elusive feature which has kept my Miranda Class in limbo.  While stylistically similar to other Movie Era designs, the structure of the Miranda’s impulse housing is quite distinct, so I had to start this one fresh and anew.  As it turns out, it wasn’t as difficult as I had feared though it is fairly layered.  I am pleased with this impulse assembly, though it still requires a bit of tweaking.  Still, I need to redo the ship’s entire hull structure, as the edges and corners are much too rounded.  Giving it another go now might not be as difficult as I have dreaded.  I began this Miranda with my old Lightwave program which had no rounder tool.  I should be able to recreate portions of this hull as relative basic shapes and then round the edges with considerably smaller curves.  A lot of other elements need clean up too, as there is clearly a lot of light bleed going on in these renders.

Center and…

Zoom, Zoom

I liked that central raised section so much, I decided I will be duplicating it and replacing the current versions “installed” on the Abbe and Northampton (the original source),  scaled to fit of course.

Meanwhile, I actually rebuilt the Abbe Class impulse engine entirely because I missed the rather steep angle underneath.  Upon completion of the rebuild I discovered an incorrect angle on the outer edge as well, so… we’ll see.

No riding off into the sunset just yet gals…


~ by starstation on October 26, 2010.

One Response to “Killing Two Birds…”

  1. We’re all one big happy fleet!

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