Sprinkle, Sprinkle

The Sprinkling of Details Commences.

I do this simply because I can’t resist details, not because I’m actually far along enough in the rough.  I’ve got plenty of rough left. 🙂  Of course the worst thing in the world would be for this to become boring, as I would not see it again for months (or years). 😉

I started with some details this weekend, but I got a little derailed on Sunday when I tried to get back to some of the rough blocking and I think I just… fried my brain.

I began by putting in some actual docking ports into the pier instead of the dark round spots meant to reserve their location.  They are still hard to see in these renders though.  Still, in the image above  you can tell a difference between the one on the pier next to the Enterprise’s starboard and the unaltered “spot” reservations directly in front of her (I only managed to get the pier airlocks done).  The visible angle for the outer pier area makes them a harder sell.

I also replaced the rough gangways with the slightly more detailed versions I began in another file.  I probably should have waited on that front since it ate a considerable amount of memory and slowed things down in the modeler.  I might consider putting all of them in their own separate file when they are completed and load them independently for rendering.  I even added an extra gangway along the pier exterior (which multiplies out to an extra 8 gangways when finally duplicated on all piers).  I currently have 52 gangways for larger capital ships, though 8 of those are in conflict for such ships as 4 are paired between the two pier structures, leaving a maximum of 48 docking spaces.  A few of the low detail piers actually came in handy as I was able to make them appear just “closed up shop” and currently out of use.  I might add a few diminutive gates on the outer wall as well for considerably smaller ships and to give the concourses more to do.  I haven’t actually added the docking structures to the inner piers yet as I want them to be slightly different.

I started building some landing bays in earnest as well, and even managed to get some open bays in the underside that look pretty decent at a distance.  The larger bay doors have a glow around the frame to help them show up a little better when closed.  Of course, things won’t always be so shadowy.  Eventually there will be lamps hiding intermittently in the recesses and spotlights on the ships to brighten things up.  The other bays on the piers were what stumped me.  I had to decide how I wanted the interiors laid out and whether or not I wanted them all connected.  I placed them all on the same level for that possibility, but I didn’t want them to interfere with the concourses that lead to the ships and I didn’t want a giant hollow interior either.  Right now I have all of them loosely connected as one big maintenance facility, but they are separate bays.

I also managed to stencil more window features higher up on the pylons and I look forward to putting in dotty windows along the pier length to busy things up.  However, I need to finalize how the concourses and the maintenance bays will be laid out first.  The work on the concourses just dried up as I tried to figure out how their interiors would be designed and connected.  So the windows are still just huge plain blocks.

The ceilings of the open bays are more readily visible here.

Soon I should begin working on the lower fuel storage section and I might create some separate locking stations for the refueling of ships.  I thought, since most Starfleet ships have a little area on their ventral hulls that indicate a fueling area; a number of craft have that round yellow spot which I’ve always taken to be the “fill cap.” 😉  It might be interesting to put some tower structures on the lower pylons that lead directly out of the fuel storage area where a ship can refuel without taking up docking space.  Otherwise, I will have to figure out some relatively flexible way to get the ships fueled from the pier areas.  Given the test craft I currently have docked one could see the various nightmares of that.  I really don’t relish the idea of using a giant flexible tube extending out of the maintenance bays or from under the piers, but I will work something out.


~ by starstation on November 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sprinkle, Sprinkle”

  1. Wow. Just wow. I love, LOVE, love this design. It’s a totally new and different take to any Starfleet station design I’ve seen before. It feels grand and yet has a practical look about it, designed with the brief in mind to be a base for starships. Fantastic look and concept.

    • Thanks so very much! I do love a wow response. 🙂
      It’s quite a mish mash of my favorite station elements inspired by several different source materials, though mostly Trek stuff (most notably the Earth Spacedock). I’m told it does defy a few “practical” notions, such as lacking a thoroughly central core from zenith to nadir and having no solid connections along the circumference near its widest dimensions, but I like to rationalize that by the overall increase in docking slips with greater room for maneuverability among them, accompanied by more easily compartmentalized habitat arches and terminal piers. In some ways it’s like a mini-Earth Spacedock turned inside-out with no external envelopment. Hopefully I’ll finish it someday. 😉

      Thanks again

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