The Window Parade…

Marches On

Minor Update: Another render with slightly better lighting

I’ve managed to place a few more maintenance bay doors here and there and I’ve begun stenciled/smooth shifted window constructs along the length.  The concourse windows are framed within the previously blocked areas (many of which are still visible here) and the smaller rounded windows are lined up with the planned deck heights which I finally settled on.  For that I used the same julienned polygon that served as the basis for the pylon decks and windows.  Most of the decks are equal in height, with the exception of a few levels that had to be raised or lowered to accommodate the larger concourses and line up properly with the bays and airlock doors.  This results in sub-minimum deck heights under the concourses but will allow for some decoratively tiered lounges and be useful for maintenance equipment, piping etc… The rounded view ports (actually, even the rectangular windows have rounded corners) are stylistically similar to the Starfleet vessels of the era, but most are much larger.  Those smaller porthole windows, scattered about, actually match the scale of the Enterprise’s round view ports.  The largest set of rectangular windows, visible here  along the lower concourse, are an homage to the giant windows seen in The Search For Spock Spacedock scenes.  They even have the little “inset” halfway up their frames.

The exterior length of the piers opposite this enclosed area will be a mirror image of this window pattern, but of course, the outer portions extend much further in length, so those patterns will have an additional window populace.  I’ve already begun the outer sections, but I had to place all wall polygons in a separate layer and chop them up a bit to make the stencil effect viable and easier on the memory.  I’ve only managed to reincorporate the wall of this inner pier thus far.

I’ll be placing another maintenance bay at the pier’s end under the single docking port.  It will be even with those other lower bays and may be incorporated into the larger complex I’ve constructed.  Much more to do.


~ by starstation on November 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Window Parade…”

  1. Wow! If these are even roughly to scale, it just shows how MASSive this structure really is!

    Love watching it all come together 😀

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