Concourses Underway

The Big Windows Get A Go

Minor Changes

I’ve begun creating low detail interiors for the concourses and added the final maintenance bay.

First attempt

I also added some deck detailing; naming the bays M-1 through M-8 on the left side where the doors are open.  I’ve even started adding some low-poly furniture that mimics the Spacedock lounge look for those largest viewing areas and I’ve worked on some textures that can eventually go on some surfaces to help the inference.  Given the gargantuan windows all around the pier however, I’ll definitely have to up the texture and detailing for the whole space, but I finally felt comfortable enough to test a render with the windows transparent.  I sort of cheated in a way by adding a large enclosed interior to prevent a complete look through, even though I had intended to make the concourses mostly open spaces.  I’ll refine this as I get a better idea how I want the layout to be.

This station is sort of a first for me, as most of the interiors I’ve ever started have been fully modeled and highly detailed.  There is something about “faking it” that always leaves me feeling like I’m standing in mud.  But with this huge station, I have to learn how to embrace it, and I can always go back later and do more detailed models for those sections I like and want to flesh out.

There are “billions” of windows to go though, some still to model and most still to backup with some form of interior… ugh.

Minor Update: Added some interior walls in the upper concourse to block the view of empty spaces and the airlock.  I had done it below but forgot to do it above.  Also added some more structural pillars and furniture (copy/paste) and added some decorative plants that I modeled for my Akyazi officer’s lounge.  I realize none of this is readily visible yet, but I had a much closer render going when I left for work, so it should be ready long before I get home.


~ by starstation on November 15, 2010.

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