Observation Lounge

Bland Revealed

Bland so far anyway.  It’s certainly more noticeable when you get close up.  The shape and position of the windows on either  side of the airlocks is meant to imply some sort of structural frame or load bearing feature of the pier sections, in fact the very positioning of the airlocks is part of that implication.  This helps create the angular windows but it also demands a certain type of angled wall there since the airlocks are cubbyholed between them.  I’m thinking of putting some sort of escalator/stair system in and around those areas forced into acute spaces, thus making use of the angle rather than just having an awkwardly cramped space.  We know escalators exist in the movies.  They were there at Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco in The Motion Picture. 😀

I’ve been studying images of airports galore and am just not sure how I want to proceed with this phase.  I don’t really want this to be like any old airport in the traditional sense, but I definitely want it to have some of the features for which airports are known.  But of course this is a starbase and is not purely for commercial passenger traffic.  I might take a break and work on some graphics and textures before I proceed with any further modeling.  I really should break down and do some old fashioned sketches to get a better feel for how I want to lay things out.


~ by starstation on November 16, 2010.

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