Quick & Dirty Details

Or… The 3D Butterfly Effect.

I love how tweaking one thing reveals more problems.  Oh, gotta love the cascade.  After adding some quick and dirty 2D interiors to test, I realized that, since the exterior walls had no actual depth and were not double sided surfaces, tons of light is bleeding through from the main source with no proper shadowing. 😀

The interiors were fun to make though.  I just built a small room with some distinct features and (with global illumination) rendered them orthographically, which I didn’t realize was a feature of Lightwave until recently.  Pleasant surprise.  Of course I just UV textured some simple boxes with the renders and voila.  Some of the boxes are not large enough for their stretch of windows though, so I had to improvise a couple of clumsy extensions. Knowing what I now know I will create a couple more versions of the interior for more variety. The exterior walls don’t look thick enough now either, so I’ll have to work that out.

I also began adding some textures to the observation lounge.  No escalators yet…


~ by starstation on November 21, 2010.

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