Going Up

Or, The Road to Nowhere…

Escalators now in service… 

Unfortunately, they won’t take you very far.  I built my first ever set of escalators yesterday, but I made them based on a simple 2D plan I found on the internet.    I have yet to account for varying deck heights and such, so they do not yet go anywhere.  They aren’t stand out features, but they are noticeable now in the background.  The set leading up needs to be quite a bit taller than they are to reach the level above, which accesses the docking port just visible in the upper right corner.   Actually most of the major docking ports are built onto the same level and are sandwiched between the two main concourses of their respective pier.  Each docking port will have their own set of escalators/stairs leading either up or down to said concourses.

The airlock level is slightly offset and might  require another (rather small) set to reach the short distance up.  Not sure where I’d put those however.  It might need to go on the opposite side.  The set going down is only slightly too small to reach the deck below.  Looking at it now, I might just switch the up and down sections so the people going up will be able to see out the concourse view ports.  I might even make the hand rail walls transparent.  Imagine being scared of heights and escalators (like as I was as a child. 😉 ).

I’ve temporarily made the external hull surface double sided.  That has helped with the silly lighting effect, though I’m sure it’s its increased render time a bit.

I also tweaked the graphics on the squared columns, but I didn’t have the gumption last night to play with the hull thickness around the view ports.  Oh well.  An experiment for another day.

On the “to do” list, the taller tables still need chairs and I might put in a little bar at the base of the stairs next to the column on the right with the sign.  I might even put in a big “Welcome to Starstation India” sign on the wall with movie era Federation graphics, or add some huge decorative glass panels.  Not sure yet.  Some turbo elevators will be added in that raised section on the other side of the squared columns.  With that in mind, I’ll also want to create some low poly versions of the glowing turboshafts seen on The Motion Picture Enterprise.  I’ve used them in several starship interior designs and I could use ones I’ve already modeled, but I’m trying to go light on the polygons.


~ by starstation on November 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Going Up”

  1. Simply awesome and outstsnding graphics. Truly very impressive and inspiring. You’ve got great talent. I am making Star Trek fan made films in the Classic TOS era in my spare time with my friends (non profit for the pure fun of it). I would like to use some for your graphics as backgrounds in my productions with you getting the credit, of course. I would like to use your observation lounge, dry dock, and TOS Starbase 11 graphics, for starters. If you have other TOS graphics, I would like to see them as well. Thanks for sharing these.

    • Thanks so much Joe. I’m glad you enjoyed them. If my renders can be of use to you creatively then sure, you are more than welcome to use them in your projects. Credit recognition is welcome as well. 😀

      As for more TOS renders, other than the Starbase 11 images, my only other work in that era (and that’s putting it loosely since those images are supposed to represent the starbase a few years after Kirk’s visits) is my interior shot of TOS Engineering and a little artistic fun I had with Sargon’s Sphere from “Return to Tomorrow.” They are visible in the archives around early February of ’09 as A Little Fun. Hope that helps.

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