The Rise…

Or, The Fall.  Take Your Pick

Original and newly extended sections, as well as newly transparent rails

Had a friend over for the Holiday weekend, so I didn’t get much done, but I refined the escalators a little bit yesterday.After studying some more images of actual escalators (rather than relying entirely on a simple 2D drawing) I realized that I’d left out some minor (though important) features on the individual stairs.  Since I was going to lengthen a set of them anyway, I figured it was as good a time as any to tweak the details a little.

I also wanted two versions of the handrails;  solid and transparent, in case I ever just wanted the variation.

Cleats are visible in this image

The biggest fix, was adding that slight inward curve on the riser that so many escalators seem to have as part of their rolling mechanism.  I also added the little cleats that seem to keep everything in place.  For the curvature I got away with just a few additional polygons per step, and I used a simple bump map for the cleats, though I only used it on the curved risers so far, opting instead for some sort of flat rubber matting to prevent slipping for the steps.  I might add them later.

Global illumination render

I used a metallic texture on the stairs in general that I now think looks a little too rusty for the clean Starfleet look I admire so.  But… it is a busy port. 😉

~ by starstation on November 29, 2010.

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