Going Overboard

Just like me…

Haven’t done a lot of 3D work since the Holiday season began, but I started up again during the Christmas break.  It seems my desire to keep things simple for this interior will not see fruition as I’ve already gone a little overboard with this observation lounge.  Granted it’s not fully decked out but some of the details I’ve added are starting to take their toll on the render front.  So I might just cue things back a bit and do what I really want, keep this simple and then go-to-town with a separate and fully detailed interior to my liking.

The hull is too thin in places

With the exception of the large observation ports, which have a modeled interior portion, all the windows were smooth shifted away from the exterior hull just to indicate their outer surface depression.   Now that I’ve started showing the windows as open clear spaces, the hull obviously appears too thin in places.  It is especially noticeable in that interior visible under the observation lounge.  That will be the next “fix.”  I’ve added some trees that I created sometime ago using online tutorials, which I think (at a distance) work really well with the environment.


The never intended interior

I never intended to render this from the inside, but after all the exterior shots I’ve run and all the little hidden features that simply don’t show up, I figured I could spare a couple.  I had no idea that would end up being the chore it was.  This render took far too long at 13 hours and I think the trees  are taking up a significant portion of that.  Fortunately I was sick and away from the computer for most of that time and thus… oblivious.

In addition to the trees, turbolift tubes are now present in the central opening.  There are several such openings between the interior enclosures along the length of the pier but this is the largest with the highest ceiling.  This section is starting to remind me of a hotel lobby though I haven’t quite figured out it’s overall purpose.  Like all the others, it leads through to the opposite side of the pier where it mirrors this observation lounge.  I wasn’t pleased with how the stairs interacted with the opening previously, so I opened up the structure a little to allow passage along both the base and the raised level.  I’m not totally pleased with this configuration now either, so it might be back to the drawing board.

The escalators finally know where they are going.  All they need now are signs to let everyone else know.  The set of escalators to the far left go up one minor level to a causeway which accesses the airlock visible on the exterior hull.  There is another set on the opposite end of the causeway that leads back down to the main concourse level.  The taller escalators up front lead to the major docking arm visible out the view ports.  The one on the far right rides up and has a spectacular view out the the observation windows.   There is an open area modeled at the top with more observation ports and exits to several other areas besides the docking arm.  Centered between the taller set are the escalators leading to the lower levels.   They are currently a bit hard to see and might appear quite dungeon like, as I haven’t yet detailed or lit anything down in that section.

There are now some internal structural frames besides the columns to help beef the place up.  The larger highly-angled ones tend to parallel the escalators and fall in line with some external shapes.  I think they help to better anchor the escalator system as well.  I still need to add a number of doors and corridor offshoots as well as some open areas in the central enclosure; such as, information areas, shops, concessions/bars, and maybe even a transporter area.  However, I’m not looking to recreate the modern day mall approach like some airports do, but naturally all those people in the observation lounge will need a place to get their cocktails. 😉

I’ve sliced and diced the ceilings pretty heavily in an attempt to portion it out into sections and help get a nice division of lighting and framing.  Now I also need to work out some carpet detailing to break up the boring blue floor, and the stairs might need some pizazz as well.  Simplicity… to Hell in a hand basket.


Modeled interior view port

There is a single house plant that I borrowed from Dennis Bailey’s Enterprise Officer’s Lounge just to break up the monotony.  I forgot I put it in there and  I’ll adjust the image to credit this later today.   (Update: fixed)

2D fun

Here is a little 2D fun used in the UV mapping.  If and when I do a fully detailed interior these features will more likely be modeled.


~ by starstation on December 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Going Overboard”

  1. Awesome work. Very detailed. It keeps looking better each time. Keep up the great work.

    • Much thanks! Been sick since that last post, so I’m going to have to get back into the groove all over again.

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