Remora Rendezvous

Ok, sue me.

She joins the Fleet

Ok, so I went to town on this design, but I’ve never made it this far with the Remora, always abandoning it very shortly after experimentation begins.  I think having more elements to work with helped in this particular instance.

I’ve begun adding a few more refined features and started customizing the cut out saucer design.  This post also displays the other version of the lower fin section I began, which tends to favor the port profile schematic.  While still adhering to the dorsal vision, forcing more elements from the port view yields a more angled lower fin.  It’s now more wing like.  Perhaps it’s more a “wing fin.”

The more angled “wing fin”

This different version certainly makes the the lower “wing fin” appear more saggy and less snug with the primary hull,  however it also allows for more visibility at more angles.  I’m still on the fence as to which direction to go.  It is still a primitive stand-in version of course.

Not as ungraceful as I had presupposed.

Since I was already revamping the Abbe’s saucer, I decided to utilize this early stage of its construction to start on the Remora’s cut out saucer.  There aren’t too many details to pick out from the schematics of what’s in this missing wedge, so that might take some improvisation.  I am not sure where the impulse engines should end up either, though I am leaning to those distinct flat regions at the very aft of the saucer.  They seem ripe for features, but they still might not be right for the job.

More Details falling into place

Seems almost bat-like from this angle

One big question is how much and what to put under the wing-fins.  Should there be any amount of livable space under there, and maybe the impulse engines should be secured under this hood as well.  Also, the secondary hull is by no means finalized.  The overall “tail” structure alone may need some fiddling as it may not be as sharply angled as I have it depicted here; Only the top is certainly flat.  Adding such details as the main navigational deflector/sensors and torpedo launchers is also a factor.  For the upper engine area, I have placed a stand-in connector to serve as a bridge between the nacelles at the top of the main pylon.

Every starship has an angle that doesn’t quite do it justice

These many multi-angle renders with the primitive shaped hull elements will eventually help me finalize some of the more distinctive features of the Remora Class Escort.

I just love a good rendezvous even if these silly ships are only partially complete


~ by starstation on January 23, 2011.

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