Another Quickie

Just the only other thing I’ve toyed with since January.  An experimental greeble wall;  a sort of tech accessible wall mount for a future interior project, probably an engineering set or something related.  It’s pre-TNG but driving in that direction.  The wall panels are behind a protective, translucent grid cover, but you can see another panel in the frame, perpendicular to the  others, partially extracted for inspection.

There was a fellow in town a few years back that made art out of old circuit boards.  I really liked what I saw.  I’ve also seen people making lamps and furniture (functional art I suppose) similarly.  I found some nice royalty free circuit board imagery on the internet that reminded me of this and thought it would make for a nice texture job.  Granted, it’s scale is overblown, but it also glows, so it’s really only meant to infer a similarity to “circuitry.”  Although I like it, I admit it almost feels more like Lost In Space than Star Trek.  For now, it is just an experiment, but eventually I may have to dig in and create my own Trek inspired 2D UV images.

~ by starstation on March 2, 2011.

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