Less Is More?

Says Who?

New Columns

I decided that, despite how much I liked my textured columns, I was simply going to have to model a set of them for the more detailed interiors I will want to complete.  The textured versions can still function for long shots and low poly duplicates.  I haven’t integrated the new columns into any models yet;  They’re a stand-alone at present.  I am actually setting up a number of separate models for the more detailed sections of the station, like the concourses, the landings bays, and eventually the upper domed park.  That way I can utilize them when necessary rather than taking up valuable memory every time I go to  render.  This rendering is a little dark, but it was late and daylight savings can turn you into a zombie.

Original columns for comparison

I’ve also tried to better match the colors of the actual set design, on which these columns were based, using screen captures from The Search For Spock. I really like the colors of the textured columns, but I chose them mostly for contrast purposes, since the deep structured relief of the real set piece is what actually provides that in the movie.  They weren’t originally meant to be seen up close (but I couldn’t ignore the call to detail duty).  A bump map didn’t seem to do the trick either, given the soft lighting, so I went with these colors for a sharp effect.  I might make a version that matches the hues of the textured version, since I really like the blue/gray color tones.  In fact, I’ve based most of the colors from the concourse’s interior on them specifically.


~ by starstation on March 15, 2011.

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