Columns In Place

Some shots of the newly modeled columns as they take up residence in the Lower Concourse.  Once again, they look horrifically dark on my work computer.

I’ve actually taken all the concourse elements and placed them in an entirely new file so I can work on it independently.  That is why there is absolutely nothing outside the windows.   Part of the outer wall is actually missing for now as well, since this is the only section of the concourse I am focusing on at the moment.  At least now I can start to flesh out more detail without worrying about loading and render times.

I haven’t brought over all the tree leaves either, but this was a quick and dirty render to highlight the new columns.  You can also see that the tree planters are still UV mapped boxes utilizing the same maps as the original columns.  I’ll create some new ones shortly with modeled column parts. 😀


~ by starstation on March 17, 2011.

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