Alphabet Soups & Ooops


I Added some new details, but forgot I had made the Concourse section invisible in layout the other day, in order to speed up a render I was doing.  So, the new details are visible, but the pier in this image is merely an empty shell until I get another render done. UPDATE: This is a corrected image with the interior returned to visibility. 😀

I beveled and thickened the hull around some of the view ports to see how that looked (meaningless without the interiors I think).  The docking port finally got its travel pod airlock, which looked especially naked in one of my last Concourse images.  I also began adding some details to the giant fuel tanks, though they still float non-anchored in space.

My favorite detail was the addition of some nice exterior signage on the pier’s hull to indicate location and such.  I decided that the 4 major pier structures would be designated North, East, South, and naturally, West.  Each pier section has an A side and a B side.  That way you would able to find your location and your ship with ease.  Airports have been doing this for decades…  why argue with success?

I’ve put this off for some time, because I was having trouble utilizing some Starfleet/Federation fonts with my Mac Lightwave.  I like to stencil Starfleet lettering into a surface when I can and I’ve used these fonts for close to ten years in other modeling and graphic projects.  This Mac version of Lightwave, for some reason,  just doesn’t like these fonts.  I had a template file of all the numbers and a few letters from earlier projects, but not the entire alphabet.  I had to re-upload my old PC version of Lightwave (ancient) and create a new alphabet template for all future projects.  Whew.

Well, I finally put the sign in place.  I went with South first, as an homage to the TNG episode “11001001” with its inspiring docking details.  So, this area I’ve been rendering for a while, with the Lower Concourse in it, is the South pier A near docking port A6.  There are thirteen docking ports per pier currently.  I’ve numbered all the docking ports except the four innermost docks facing the station’s axis.  The other docks around the piers’ perimeters are designated 1 through 6, and belong to either an A or B pier.  I figured I’d give the larger central-facing ports individual designations.  I’ll probably name them Central, Main, or some such, but no cheesy cruise line naming conventions like Promenade, Aloha, or Baja (or their Sci-Fi equivalents Rigel, Vega, or Antares 😉 ).

Another Doh! Here is the image I removed the concourse interior to render.  I’ve wanted to see what a starship docked outside the lounge would look like for some time, so I set this up just to get a sense.  Apparently I didn’t realize I was removing the inner viewport frames as well.

And here is another shot of the fuel tank details, as they evolve.


~ by starstation on March 18, 2011.

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