More Sprinkles…

I need greebles.  This is hard docking, not “Cupcake Wars.” 😉

I added more greebles;  a few more detail shapes, but mostly basic panels and some items to make the connecting structures look more reinforced. I also re-added the tubular air lock that connects with docking rings.  It had been solid and relatively low detail with the exception of the docking ring, which I pulled from the travel pod.  I made its tube enclosure transparent and filled in some minor interior details.


Paneling can really break up large boring areas but I don’t want to overdo it.  I’ll be adding more but sparingly so.  And since this will be the “master” version for all other docks, I’m a little reluctant to add too many identifying labels, but I will be adding some lettering treatments eventually.  That dark, sunken, ring area on top of  the main extender arm probably will get the next greeble treatment.


This docking ring got some lights as well as some little exterior handle and control structures.  I just stenciled some appropriate shapes onto the surface and smooth shifted them into the wall a fraction.  I’ll probably use the stencil shapes to pass these traits on to all the docking rings across the stations surface.


~ by starstation on March 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “More Sprinkles…”

  1. Did somebody say cupcakes? Mmmmm cupcakes. It looks realy good. Very impressive work.

    • Thanks. Heh. Don’t know why I said that. Just thought it sounded funny. Sprinkles always make me think of cupcakes. 😀

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