The Interior Spreads

Began working on more of the concourse, extending the floors and ceilings on around the corner into the central structure. I had built the core of the interior wall some time back with this intention, so it came in very handy.  Still, the majority of the concourse walls are still barren gray structures, but I hope to give them some meaningful textures eventually.  Maybe I need a Starbucks or something.

I began adding some simple box structures as interior space for those observation lounges in the center section just visible on the far right.  They are on separate levels from the concourse.  I’m not sure why they are so completely dark, but I have a render going now at home to investigate it.  I’m just now thinking that I forgot to add that layer of the model into layout after I made some recent modifications.  The windows are now transparent, but there is likely nothing behind them to give the rooms depth.  That’s what I get from starting renders late on a Sunday night.

I’ve reintegrated the upgraded docking port now with added greeblies and an interior of its own!  I know, it sounds like a box of cereal.  I eat too much cereal.  I’ve also added some detailing around at least 2 of the permanent docking rings along the wall of the pier.  I have begun numbering conventions for them.  I chose the 2 nearest the SOUTH sign, airlocks 13 & 14,  since they are currently the most visible in renderings.  To do so with the others will take a nice tedious night of mundane copy/paste.


Update:  I can now confirm, I did forget to load that model layer into the rendering layout, a layer I had previously ordered the scene to ignore.

Just an empty shell


~ by starstation on March 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Interior Spreads”

  1. Hey Basill! I didn’t realise you had a blog until just recently. Just found a few extra minutes to offer praise for all the beautiful work you have been doing over the years. Well done.

    Followed your work on the McCook over on SFM for quite awhile too. Lovely ship. And this starbase of yours is damn perfect already. I don NOT envy you coping and pasting those interior bits around. No sir!

    Take care,

  2. Great work.
    This is starting to get into Tobian-territory 😉

    You should show this to the gang at SFM.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Road Warrior: Yeah copying and pasting can get to be a drag, but the rewards can be sweet. 😀

    ST-One: Tobian-territory maybe, but on the outer fringes and a pale comparison. I would actually go into hyper-shock-greeble over-dose if I even thought about heading in that direction. Have you ever experienced greeble O.D.? Not pretty.

    Seriously, I doubt I’ll ever have the time or the computational capacity to approach that. But I’ll keep try to fake it. 😉

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