Reintegration Test

Sounds important… it isn’t.

Minor Update: Lighting improved to match original scenes, added some post processing glow, and re-inserted star background

Just a quick little test as I reintegrate the components of the maintenance bay with the pier structure.  I’ve added more deck markings and added some minor greebles to the pier that I thought I had already rendered but apparently didn’t.

I decided to do a “reboot” of sorts.  Basically, that’s when I save a version of a model with an all new file name so I can start trimming old developmental geometry from the model’s layers, which include:  boolean cookie cutters, baseline shapes I’ve yet to alter (the “fix-its” for when you royally screw up), stand-ins for scale purposes, and even flat polygons chopped up in various ways to provide rulers for quirky measurements.  I tend to keep stuff like that in case it’s vitally needed someday for a redo, but it does take up memory, gets confusing, and eventually just becomes unused flotsam.  I save the original file of course in case I ever have need for any of it.  Sifting through it all can be a pain, but it has actually come in handy on several occasions.

To do this quick test, I also started the layout scene over from scratch.  It was taking a while to load and I only wanted to check my station model.


~ by starstation on April 22, 2011.

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