Meeting In The Middle

Scale Revisited- More Within Reason

I imported the workbee and cargo pods into the model, properly scaled them, and now the wall units have been accurately rescaled to this. I was able to rescale the workbees and pods already loaded in layout, though not quite to the precision I wanted. Still, they are very closely scaled and with everything scattered about, it’s hardly noticable. So now, the wall units are considerably smaller, and all the cargo pods and related equipment are noticeably larger.

I also added some more detailing deep in the back, and though only two are readily visible at this angle, there are three levels of storage.

Update: Slightly different angle where the three levels are more apparent.


~ by starstation on April 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “Meeting In The Middle”

  1. It’s looking real good. well done.

  2. This is SUCH beautiful work! I’m looking forward to seeing all the different elements come together!

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