Storage Abounds


First attempt- scale fail.  At least it gives a sense of how the cargo sections will be set up.

Ok, so I began modeling some low poly versions of the storage container walls and began placing them in the maintenance bay.  Alas, I had only sized the workbees and cargo containers in layout, so I was essentially guessing (all too often my philosophy) as to how to scale the the wall units.  It was late when I began the render, so I headed to bed.  When I woke up this morning and checked the finished product I realized how off scale these items were.

Scale discrepancies revealed

I actually had a docking port that would have aided in scale, but I forgot the layer was present until after this render.  Given screencap evidence, I’ve always assumed the docking ports are approximately 7 feet tall (smaller than average door height but tall enough for most humans), and I believe the cargo units (standing upright) are anywhere between 8 to 9 feet tall.  Obviously, I made these wall units  a tad too big, but I can see now that the workbees and cargo units themselves are a fraction too small.  I will have to do some resizing and shifting to have all these items meet in the middle.  I’ll probably have to break down and put a workbee/cargo unit into the bay model itself to serve as scale, though I was trying to avoid too many polygons in that model.  The precision scaling problems I had earlier in layout with the workbees might have just been a fluke though, so I will try and adjust them again in a last ditch effort.  If I had any sense I would scale things from the onset, but I tend to run crazy-free with the modeling when I start and loose track of such things.


~ by starstation on April 28, 2011.

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