Detail Dragon

The Daily Feeding

No, no.  Not Vaal…

This is The Greeble Monster

Well… it will be.  OK, so I don’t have quite that many greebles yet, but I’m adding more and more details everyday (Hmm… I’m sensing a pattern here).  Feeding the monster everyday is what makes him happy.  That, and don’t wear red. Red shirt = Baaad.  No, wait… that is Vaal.  Oh.  Whew.  That’s a relief.  Red’s my favorite color.  😉

I finally have doorways and various control panels, and I tried to break up the blank walls by adding some color variation. This version I went with was inspired by a design touch in the Enterprise-A landing bay from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.  I already had the shape of the doors, and while skimming through screen-cap references searching for greeble fodder, I thought the little gray boarders in TFF  would be a great easy way to break up the monotony.  Oh and I numbered the doors.  That’s always fun.  Each landing bay will have some four of it’s own smaller service bays, so a simple number is sufficient even if the other bays have the same number.

I chose to alter the turboshaft a little. The shaft itself is still in line with those above it in the concourse (those shafts aren’t currently visible in these renders) but the turbolifts essentially jut off and park at their stops within the greater safety of that interior bulkhead.

I also began trying to add some functional greebles in and around the side bays, to serve as equipment and work stations.  There is a structure between the interior bay doors that could be part of the atmospheric regulation.  Inside the individual bays I’ve placed a long work counter with cabinetry for tools and equipment, as well as some other features such as bulk machinery, a large monitor, pipes and wall greebles, and a frame structure that might aid in the servicing of shuttles and other auxiliary craft.

In the upper images you can see a workbee just slightly obstructed by the frame of the big bay door. I decided those blank angled areas on either side of that door’s interior would make a perfect space for some workbee parking spots. You can see where I’ve begun the the floor markings for that, but the workbee had to be pulled back a wee bit to be visible.

Here, the workbees and their eventual positions are visible, though none of the detailing for the individual berths has been initiated.  It was an awesome location, and with the workbees fully docked they are completely out of the way of the side bays. I figured with the space available I could get three per side for a total of six in this bay.  I haven’t figured out where any of the other bays’ workbee docks will be located yet.


~ by starstation on May 1, 2011.

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