Toned Down & Going Up

Bright Lights, Details Unseen, and Rising to New Heights

Someone mentioned to me that the station seemed “bright white” and “clinical”.  I suppose I’d been rationalizing along Kirk’s logic from “The Conscience Of The King,” that Starfleet ships and facilities like to duplicate Earth conditions of night and day as closely as possible.  By that logic however, it was “high noon” in most of my renders. 😉  I considered maybe it was a tad too bright and sterile in places and figured I could take a few light panels out or shrink/shift their overall volume to help tone the brightness down a bit.  I’ve also changed the overhead lighting in the workbee bay to red.  The parked workbees are now partially bathed in red light,  though it’s not overly apparent from outside.  It is a little different though.

A dimmer observation deck and a red hive for the workbees

I was also having a little difficulty capturing some structural frames I’d placed inside the observation deck’s interior.  I’d added seams into the observation deck’s exterior surface to make it appear more modular.  I then placed the frames along those seams.  I was so happy with how quickly I’d modeled them and put them in place, only to find after my next render that the new framing members were in no way visible. 😦  It was a bummer, but I had to multiply their numbers a bit and alter their locations placing them closer to the windows.   That still didn’t help much unfortunately.  I figured I’d try a new camera angle since the ones I’m working from were probably getting a little boring anyway.  Finally the structural frames are noticeable.

Framing members are more readily visible from this new angle

I’m somewhat torn on the observation deck’s lighting.  Finding the right balance is proving difficult.  I like the glow and contrast of the window frames in the brighter images, but the angle of the interior walls towards the overhead lights really creates a glare that just proves too intense.  Since this observation deck would be looking down on the landing and cargo bays for command and control purposes, the dimmer lighting is probably more reasonable.

Original Lighting Format- Too bright

“Too dark now”, or “Getting there Goldilocks”?

I finally darkened the blue on the environmental shield generators.  They were so bright they almost looked white, but they are noticeably bluer now.  I might have to up their glow settings though.

I’ve also added a few more details.  I recessed all the cargo wall units in only the first cargo section, added more antigrav forklifts, and then sprinkled more cargo objects all around.  I also placed some landing light features on the pier’s exterior relative to the rimward door.  I totally messed it up though, and will have to refashion it.  Finally, I added elevator platforms, but I’m not happy with the colors yet.

The elevator platforms in the second cargo section

Due to the angle of the pier’s underside, any multistory shuttle facility was less feasible anywhere close to the rimward bay door. Granted, starships deal with multideck shuttle hangers given far less space, but they carry fewer craft and tend to utilize their shuttle facilities a bit less than this hustle and bustle station does, where auxiliary vehicles are an all-day affair.

Dorsal angles prove prohibitive to viable shuttle facilities

Elevator platform reasoning

I quick sketched some reasoning ideas onto the only decent side image I have of the station.  Hopefully my graphic manipulations are not too confusing.  I chose to place the elevator platfoms (3 larger and 2 smaller versions) directly in the central pathway of the second cargo section, out of the way of possible landing traffic and clear of cargo stowage.  The platforms will lower down at least one deck to the primary parking and heavy repair facilities below this cargo maintenance deck.  One may lower down to another deck below that which will allow access to the larger bay facing coreward.  I’ll have to add access doors to that already partially modeled bay.  I might even add a few smaller doors to that angled ventral area of the pier structure for more direct access to space.

I’m debating whether or not to have some or all of the platforms rise further up to the landing areas atop the pier, which I haven’t even begun to map out.  Since large ships tend to park near the doors of the cargo maintenance bay (often obstructing them), I’ve decided that shuttles, although capable of landing in and taking off from this bay, will focus their flight operations primarily on the landing pads and facilities being constructing at the very top of the pier structure.  All future concerns.


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