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More Questions

Still looking at renders and scrutinizing areas that might seem like wasted space and brainstorming what details might be valuable to locate in them (It’s all about the real estate they say). 

Main bay looking back towards the central bay.  A closed exterior door is visible.

This render is fairly the opposite of the angle in my previous post, but continues to peer back toward doors in the next bay down. 

In this case I closed the exterior doors, partially to see how it looked, and also because the station’s other exterior structures would most definitely be visible from this perspective but are not yet part of the this model.

The wall space above the small “garage” doors throughout this entire bay appear especially barren.  The ones in the main section aren’t so bad with the observation deck hanging above them, but the others visible in the distance just seem to beg for detail of some sort.  Speaking of detail, if anyone wonders why I omitted the “X” shaped cross beams that framed the cargo holds as sported on the TMP Enterprise, it was a conscious choice to make things look a little cleaner and more advanced than the first movie version. Since the station was constructed sometime between TMP and TWOK, I’ve imagined that some aesthetics may have changed slightly. Given the full “refit” appearance of Starfleet by then, and the Excelsior project in full gear, I thought it could be a slight variation on the standard. Plus it saves on the poly count. 😉

I placed an adjustable platform in the small maintenance bay on the right, though it is not a true elevator in any sense.  I had previously placed a type of frame work into the small bays but at the time I was simply trying to add some detail.  It occurred to me that if a vehicle could be suspended from that frame during maintenance work, a platform that could lower down into the deck by a small margin would give crew members under vehicle access for their repair and maintenance.  It’s not unlike our own car repair shops today. 😀 

Elevator section looking coreward toward the first bay

Here is an angle from the cargo/elevator section looking coreward.  As you can see, everything in the next cargo section, which leads to the center of the pier complex, is essentially incomplete.  I had placed some cargo hold details along that wall just for the slightest possible peek around the bend, but that is that no longer effective.  There is actually another exterior door where those cargo facades appear suspended over nothingness, so fixing that detailing may begin in short order.

My main reason for the render was to examine a set of observation ports I placed above repair bay 2. By comparison, the other wall with door 3 still appears very bland. I began to flesh out the floor details in that landing bay and I am also considering relocating some or all of the elevators to that next cargo section down, though I am not sure the height of the central connecting structure will be sufficient.

The upgraded exterior landing lights.  I hope they make more sense now.

Finally, I fixed those landing lights.  I hope they are more in keeping with Trek methodology now.  They are actually a touch of TOS, similar to the original Enterprise’s hangar bay with the red, yellow, and  green bars.  But in this case, I’ve added a row of blue light bars that will blink in a sequential order indicating the bay is ready for landing maneuvers.


~ by starstation on May 21, 2011.

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