Another Motion

This is a total work-in-progress with limited lighting, relatively low anti-aliasing, and no global illumination (I’d be 70 before it finished rendering). Considering the station model isn’t even close to finished, it’s no big deal. It’s really just another experimental animation trying to get object and camera movement to work how I want. Like my earlier McCook flybys, the ship is still moving in a straight line, but this was the first time I’ve used the graph editor to adjust the apparent speed of an object (the ship) and the first time I’ve used multiple cameras in a single animation. It is also my first attempt to choreograph a scene to music which helped dictate the camera shots. This makes it much longer than my previous two animations.

Though I haven’t added the music yet (haven’t figured that one out), this shot was set to music… from Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Ron Jones Project– Disc 2, Track 1. It is the opening music from the 1st season episode “The Battle“; The first 36ish seconds of the track are the “Stand By” portion, which correspond to Captain Picard’s first log entry in the teaser. Beautiful stuff. I’ve been picturing this scenario in my head since I got the CD. If and when I can edit movies a little better, I might add the music and appropriate credits. There is an extra second of video each at the beginning and end for fade in/out purposes, so the music still has to be synced properly. But watching it and hitting play at the right moment with my MP3 player, I think I did a pretty good job with the animation time line.

~ by starstation on May 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Another Motion”

  1. Great work, Basil. This is the kind of stuff that could fill a new volume of Ships of the Star Fleet… an animated, iPad edition!

    It would be cool to add the firing of the little RCS thrusters at the bow as McCook comes to a stop in dock.

    • Thanks. I thought about the thrusters too, but I didn’t plan on tackling that until I added in the blinking navigation lights. 😀

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