Blinkies Cleared to Dock

Added some navigation lights to the McCook and placed a few lights in the interior of the station so it didn’t look so dark in few of those larger open spaces. One can get spoiled on global illumination.  😉

I also rendered the stars by themselves with all the same settings and placed them as a separate backdrop movie.  I hate the extra step, but I love having that ability. The stars are actually merely random points with differing colors and luminosities strewn about into a giant, hollowed-out, spherical pattern. The only way they seem to render in Lightwave is when the “Render lines” setting is activated.  Makes sense, but this creates other problems with other full objects’ rendering.  Though the points were illuminated, I realized the glow setting was not activated in the earlier render.  Upon correcting that, the stars have been beefed up a little as well.  😀  It’s a little difficult to see in Youtube.

I’m thinking of adding some interesting lighting effects for the ship’s thrusters as the ships slows into position, but that is another day.

Adding music is proving difficult, as the program I am using for editing is iMovie (came with the computer).  It tends to decrease the image quality (granted, so does Youtube) in strange ways.  The music blended deliciously in iMovie, but the stars completely vanished from view!  I will have to figure that one out before I commit too much to post editing.


~ by starstation on May 27, 2011.

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