Detail Duty…

Greebling, Interiors, And Some Experiments In Texture

New greebles and a few new interior features

I added more greebles into that corner near the pier’s central outcrop and placed some long, narrow, tube shapes along several lengths of the inner pier wall.  I don’t know if they are pipes, tanks, or some combo, but I was attempting to mimic similar structures on the exterior surface of Earth’s giant Spacedock.  Here they can be considerably larger given this station’s smaller scale.  I sprinkled a few more flat paneled shapes here and there, and after that I attempted to generate some specular interest in the surface texture using a map I conjured up for my model of the Utopia Planetia station.  It’s just an experiment on that one flat surface; Naturally it needs tweaking.  I’ll have to create some dedicated maps when I get a new graphics program soon.  There was some minimal playing around with the lower ring and fuel tanks but nothing dramatic yet.

I finally created some large rooms for those uppermost windows at the tip of the pier.  I’ve imagined them more as command control centers rather than lounges or general observation, so I put a some red lighting in portions of the ceiling.  This is perhaps another attempt to echo elements of Earth’s Spacedock, in this case the pier structure at the core of the interior docking region.

I actually removed all the modeled interiors from the main model and put them in their own separate loadable files.  Still working out the kinks in that, as there is now some large rectangular object in the center of the lower concourse that doesn’t belong there.  I’ll have to figure out what it is, but it’s been a busy week with my home improvements, and dog/house sitting for my sister.

Another angle from earlier that I forgot to post

This is just an earlier render of the maintenance bay that I thought was posted, but apparently never showed up.  Nothing special.


~ by starstation on June 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Detail Duty…”

  1. Man you blow me away with this stuff. Wonderful job.

  2. Much thanks! I’m sure it’s like watching mold grow on bread. Really sloooooow mold. 😉

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