Tinkering: Subspace Com Net

Minor updates to hue and saturation


Just some minor updates to the hue and saturation of some lettering and major graphic elements.  In the right image, which more accurately corresponds to the on screen version from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, there was a tint of teal that bugged me.  I toned it back a bit, bringing the net graphics more into the pure green side of things.  I also dampened the saturation of the numbers which are all in one layer.  It works great on the large index number in the bottom right corner but the smaller numbers scattered around the grid seem to have suffered some “oomph.”  I’ll have to play with those some more.  After taking another gander at TVH screen shots, I completely changed the title letters in bottom left corner from bright green to a light blue.  I couldn’t tell if they should be tinted with any color or or completely white, but I was able to tell they weren’t the intense green I had originally chosen.

In the left image, which portrays a version more in line with The Undiscovered County period, I thought I had significantly toned down the depth of intense blue in the Com Net graphics.  Upon inspection with another monitor however, there appears to be little noticeable difference.  I did manage to brighten those “filled-in” grid spaces a tad, which I think helped with the overall contrast, but I still might want to brighten the lines that branch out from the individual hubs.


~ by starstation on October 5, 2011.

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