Approach Control…

Very formula

Just a little experiment with planet renders, motion blur, and some minor detail additions to the McCook.

I was playing around with some methods for rendering and post-render touch-up on planets, and came up with probably my best Earth render yet.  Still need a few more skills and experimentation to get what I want, but I thought I would pop it into another McCook shot for fun.  I also decided I was tired of that boring, flat, blank area under the ship’s large nacelle flaps (some sort of defensive deflector I think), so I played around with the offending polygons and added a small amount of color detail underneath just to break up the monotony.  It’s nothing remarkable so I don’t mind debuting them as part of motion blur.  I’ll need to learn a bit more about motion blur in Lightwave however, in order to master this feature.


~ by starstation on October 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Approach Control…”

  1. I like it! good job on the Earth!

    can we get a comparison shot without the motion blur?? maybe 🙂

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