Travel Pod…

Back up on cinder blocks

After a long procrastination I’ve returned to the travel pod for some work.  After I managed to complete a great deal of the pod last year, I came to a cross roads.  I realized that the overall shape of the pod wasn’t perfectly accurate, and some of the panel details on the rounded surfaces were going to be quite the puzzle. I decided that before I got too far into this inaccurate model, I’d experiment on a new main structure that was closer to the filming model.  As typical with me of course, after some moderately successful restarts the whole project got old.  As the year passed however, I realized that either way I needed travel pods buzzing around my drydock and space station.  Simply put, I would at least finish what I previously started.  Also, turns out the panel detailing that intimidated me so much turned out to be a little less complicated than I’d imagined.

I managed to add a few more greeble details here and there, but it was a day of distractions, so the biggest thing I accomplished yesterday was the panels under the main view port.  Still tons of detail to go though.


~ by starstation on October 24, 2011.

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