TP Panels & Greebles Continue

I got some more greebles and panel stencils done on the top portion.  The four squarish greebles on the aft portion are nearly done, but reference images reveal some interesting dome-like details inset around the corners of the “cubes” I’ve yet to include.I also added some minor detailing to the narrow sides of door exposed in the outer docking ring.  I had previously built the recessed gripper area in the center of the door rim but realized there were other recessions in the top and bottom.  The flat rear hull surrounding the ring will require raised panels and a continuation of the red striping in a decorative  little pattern.  The door facing will eventually need some extra greeble details and labeling.  I also realized that I never cut out the dorsal reaction control thrusters back there.

The panel detailing above the view port has been stenciled in, though it still needs a measure of point welding.

Another angle of the front.  The hardest portion of the stenciled paneling, all visible here, is done, though there is a tiny bit more to add to the bottom pattern.  Soon I will be able to concentrate on the top and bottom paneling, side panels that will have registry numbers over them, and the remaining plethora of greebles.


~ by starstation on October 26, 2011.

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