Pod Progress

Have details- Will travel

The aft detailing is coming together and nears completion. The aft is where the red pin striping seemed most complicated as it has some interesting curves and zig zags, and it also interacts a bit with some raised panels. Hence, I saved it for the last of the stripes. Luckily, it is a flat surface, so it went smoother than anticipated. I also added a few more details to the door facing, put in the docking ring’s above door light, and finally completed the upper thrusters.

I put the upper and lower signal beacons in place, though the bulbs’ surface texture is currently just a glowy stand in.

Number labeling begins in earnest, as greebles continue popping out of the surface, and more surface panels find their boundaries.

Like the larger numbers, the plethora of mini labels will occupy a separate layer where they will hover just over the surface and cast no shadow. I had actually begun cutting a number labels into the surface panels, but determined that was going to be problematic as I discovered more and more of these miniscule labels in my reference materials.

Smoothing errors are cropping up as the panel lines and mini details become more complex.

The underbelly beckons…

~ by starstation on October 30, 2011.

5 Responses to “Pod Progress”

  1. Looks really good. But I’ve always wondered. How do the door open? There just isn’t enough room.

    • It does look iffy, but given the thickness of the ring structure itself, there is just enough room for the upper edge of the door to be properly encased. I had to agonize over that when I was building the thing, but figured there were several inches of leeway there. The top edges of the doors (not visible when fully closed) are in fact completely flat. The resting port socket actually supplies the door grabbers itself, located within the hull. Reference images also indicate there are some type of guide rails for the doors within the hull’s door pocket. This is for after they’ve left the docking ring’s encasement (though I don’t think they are ever fully extracted from the the pod’s ring structure). The bottom edge of the door is more obviously set to slide given the visible floor mount.

      My biggest question has always been about the integrity of the airlock, given that the seal for such an airlock _appears_ to be on the extreme end of the pod’s docking ring. Regardless of the “tight fit,” given the nature of the doors’ recessed panels, this would appear to leave the ring’s door seams somewhat exposed to space when opened. I still search for a resolution to this after multiple decades of contemplation. 😀

  2. You wouldn’t be willing to share this mesh when you’re finished, would you? (Full credit given, of course…)

    • Yeah, I’m willing to share it. Not sure when I’ll call it quits though, but it is pretty close.

  3. Thank you kindly!

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