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Textures falling into place

I’ve been experimenting this weekend with some worn and grungy surfaces in UV texture as well as adding more labels and greebles.  I was going to look up some possible preset settings for Lightwave and maybe check into a few online tutorials for better UV mapping.  Then…

my internet went away.

Aft view

I think this aft view provides some nice contrast for the newly added greebles and textures.  I had planned on doing some sort of full UV mapping procedure where I could unwrap the mesh and make sure the panels were properly textured and toned in their structural context.  I’ve never done this procedure before, but I had seen some info online that might come in handy.

Did I mention I had no internet?  The second I decided to learn this technique, technicians cut my DSL connection prior to what would eventually be a failed installation of better service.  Tuesday they said.  It would be here on Tuesday.  Weird déjà vu feeling there.  Where have I heard that before?

So trudging along without the internet, I had a whole weekend to improvise and experiment with what I had in the Mac mini’s cupboard.  I created some rather simple color gradients in Pixelmator, added a tiny bit of noise, and ended up with some nice but uncomplicated images to plop my polygons down onto, in order to give them some of that used utilitarian look.  The rest of the exterior is just a procedural texture for some variation across the surface.

Better interior view and port side details

Didn’t do too much work on the interior, but I did change the texture settings for the cushion walls from what I had to one from the preset list that came with Lightwave.  It gave it a slightly better bump map.  It’s still hard to distinguish with only my current Global Illumination settings without a direct light source beaming onto it.  The bump effect is a little more noticeable in the top image with that small corner of the interior lit by distant sunlight, though still hard to discern.  I’ve also begun dealing with the fact that the port and starboard sides of the pod are not symmetrical, and the details have some nice variation on both sides.  Some things I’ve simply mirrored for convenience sake, but there are a few greebles and panels that stand alone on either side of the vehicle.

Bottom still being ignored, but look at those vents!

Still haven’t taken a real dive into the underside, but I’m so very close to slicing that cake…


~ by starstation on November 7, 2011.

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