In For Repairs

Licking Her Wounds

Yard inspectors get to work

I’m not too prolific with my renderings.  I’m just a 3D hobbyist with a love of Star Trek and its stylized ships.  I model in what little free time I have and the renders are even fewer and farther between.  Still, I’ve been very pleased with some of the images I’ve done in the past, especially my drydock shots.  Of course they’ve have no real story or background.

After working on some minor animations and posting a few more shots of the McCook out on duty in the field, I started imagining a sort of chronology.  Nothing too specific, just a minimal timeline following an unspecified “incident” that describes the McCook’s return to Starbase and her subsequent repair efforts.  I thought it would be interesting to place some damage where those maintenance craft in the drydock scenes are working.  I was also eager to put the travel pod into service, even if a little premature of it’s completion.

I figured perhaps the ship got into a wee scuffle with some adversarial power (Klingons, pirates…?) near the Azure Nebula, but managed to drive off said foes for yet another day.  Already en route to Star Station India for resupply before such a diversion, she arrives a tad late and a little rough for wear.  As most of her crew disembarks to the station for some R & R, she’ll be inspected by yard workers and set up for repair and refit in one of the starbase’s many separate orbital drydock facilities.  This scenario would indicate that I’ve settled upon putting the station in planetary orbit rather than deep space, though I haven’t decided what that world should look like yet.

An early test render for blocking reveals just how barren the concourse still is, especially the upper deck.

This also gave me a chance to tweak my station a bit.  I haven’t tinkered with it in six months or more.  I simply added a few more details to the concourses, concentrating mostly on the lower section with a new seating area, and adding in a few new interior spaces behind some of the larger view ports.  I’m shrinking some of the larger view ports (other than the concourse), or else I would plant interiors behind all of them at once.

New seating area in lower concourse and the main gangway extends outward to accommodate the McCook

This is another test render, as only the station’s core plus one pier arm is even present in the scene for rendering.  I extended the gangway outward in order to reach the centrally parked McCook, but I suppose it would be feasible to park such a small vessel much closer to the main structure and squeeze another small vessel (an Oberth perhaps) on the opposite side of this closed in section of the “South” pier complex: not unlike a compact car section in a parking lot.  However, I’ve made “squeeze parking” a frowned upon practice in the station’s rather informal narrative, outside of some pressing scenario that is.  For the most part, there are plenty of gangways around the station to accommodate the port authority’s busy schedule, and given the magic of transporter technology, ships visiting the port don’t necessarily have to hard dock with the station at all.  Still, it might be neat to see two ships snuggled in together from inside the concourse. 😀


~ by starstation on November 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “In For Repairs”

  1. Wow. You have been busy! Nice work on everything, it all looks great.:)

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