Off Loading

Greebles arriving bay 2

A quick little post about what little I accomplished this holiday weekend.  I finally built some storage tanks and a storage box I’ve been putting off for years.  Technically, these are props rather than greebles, but they have a nice “greeblie” factor to them that helps up the detail in any given scene.  I’ve been wanting these storage tanks for years to serve as background in a number of my interior modeling, but kept putting it off thinking that it would be harder than I imagined.  Alas, it was pretty easy with only a few speed bumps.  I built them in the GNDN style (Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing) of the great prop masters, as that appears to be how they were built.

I’ve always wanted them in and around landing bays, but I especially wanted them for my interior model of the McCook’s cargo staging bay.  Since some of the ship’s thruster machinery was very near that bay (McCook’s port-forward reaction control thrusters are just on the other side of that right bulkhead), I always wanted something like these tanks sticking out and taking up some of that empty room there in the back right corner, looking like they were doing their job.  I may return to this model shortly.

I first remember seeing these large storage tanks in The Wrath of Khan on board the Space Lab Regula One station.  That’s where I first got the idea to put them in the McCook.

They later showed up in The Voyage Home on Vulcan at the “Bounty’s” landing pad.  In addition to “Vulcanizing” the exteriors, it would seem TVH‘s prop department rearranged the pipes a little and added tubing running off screen to make them appear more functional, especially since they were being seen in full.  Seeing the tanks in these early TVH scenes, in use and surrounded by piles of cargo, made me want to put them anywhere I could muster.

The new cargo box was also seen on the Regula station.   Whatever it originally housed, it would eventually hold two worm-eared Starfleet officer’s as its guests.  Its labels warned of “thermowave hazard” and seemed strict about accessing it by cargo bay only (if I am reading that red sticker correctly).  I’ve always assumed that meant do not move it to and fro by transporter beam.  This is a good thing for the dockworkers after all, as it means there are some things that even a transporter still can’t move. 😀  “Just try putting us outta work now Matter Energy converter.  We’ve got thermowaves to deliver. 😛 ”

I especially liked this one because of the whole sliding door side, the shape of which sort of reminds me of a TOS shuttle craft design.  I threw it together late last night from memory, all because I was too lazy to check my reference images.  I figured it was such a simple design, any flaws could be readily corrected when I had more time to devote.  I was right, and my final product should be an easy fix.  The control boxes were just stand ins to begin with, it’s length is currently too short, and some of the labeling and detailing need tweaking.  Right now it looks like a paranoid hooty owl, but I really wanted it next to the tanks for a quick render.


~ by starstation on November 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Off Loading”

  1. Perfect! I had forgotten all about those tanks.

    You truely are the master of tmp design ethic. Well done. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I try. I guess it’s just where I put my tent.

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