IV Therapy for Starships

Or… Deuterium by Drip

Based on a rather standard roller clamp (used for flow regulation in intravenous drips), I thought I would try this structure as a fueling rig in the pier’s central area, which itself is begging for details.  I had a drip on a hospital stay quite a few years back and thought the clamp looked cool, so I kept it.  I’ve been wanting such a structure on my station since first imagining it years ago.  It can be seen (center right) in some of my old sketches…

Along with other disposable doo-dads collected from a multitude of sources (one of which I’ve already used as the station’s tractor moorings 🙂 ) , this one seemed particularly “pier-like.”  Maybe it just looks like a coat hook or a place to hang your hat.  Either way, it was in a lot of my early concept drawings, and I especially intended to use it as a form of gangway, but I eventually needed something that wasn’t quite so static, so I had to shelve it until I could find another use for it.  Now that I look at it as part of the station, I realize it may have partially inspired the shape of the large piers themselves.

Sadly this might not make the grade as a useful fueling rig.  It’s meant to have extendable pipes and such at various surface hatches, but at this scale it doesn’t appear long enough or mount low enough to be useful in fueling some of the larger Starfleet vessels as I intended.  This is as large as I am willing to make the structure in relation to the station, as any bigger would compromise the wide open berth I was intending.  With the extender pipes and other equipment, it could work on some lower profile classes like the Miranda and Kevin Riley’s Loknar, but that could get gangly and silly looking real fast.  I loaded up Dennis Bailey’s Constitution refit last night and placed her in the berth only to find that her secondary hull simply hangs too low and far out to make a useful connection to this structure.

I’ll have to decide if I really want this structure where I’ve placed it (possibly for some other function) or remove it to another location and entirely rethink the refueling thing.  Who knows, it may come in useful as a secondary gangway for non-Starfleet vessels, somewhere else on the station.


~ by starstation on December 13, 2011.

One Response to “IV Therapy for Starships”

  1. Therapy for starships?! Ha. I’m liking that boom thus far.

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