Trickle Down Detailonomics…

And Glass Ceilings

New sign for the Federation Administration Building: Self illuminated

Saturday, I was having fun adding details and upgrading various elements to my surface side starbase.  I even starting getting all kinds of crazy ideas about the level of detail I was going to venture…

And then my Mac Mini decided to pull on my leash, with a terrible crash and several stalled attempts at a restart as it beeped and whirred.  Hoping it was just an overworked processor, I pulled the power and let her cool down overnight.  Horrified and paranoid, I went to sleep.

Thankfully, the morning gave reprieve and the system started up without incident.  I was able to do some minor model work and a few renders on Sunday.  Still not sure what happened, and I’ll have to look into it.

I was able to manage some new details to the mushroom hub building, the central command of all-things-Starfleet.  I also completed a large emblem sign (see above) for what I’ve designated as the base’s Federation Administration Building (below).

Updated sunset with new colony details

I was even thinking of naming it the Nancy Hedford building in honor of that fiesty diplomat who gave her life (wink wink) in service to the Federation.

With the new glowy sign, I thought I would like to see some night time shots.  Of course, most of the buildings have very little in the way of interiors or lighting, to say nothing of lamp posts.  I guess that’ll be stage 2 or… 10.  Somewhere down the line.  I’m not too fond of the Bryce night time shots either, but I’ll keep experimenting there too.  If I get a decent shot it might be worth incorporating a nice ring world in the background.

Vague attempt at moonlight


~ by starstation on January 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “Trickle Down Detailonomics…”

  1. I do not like it when computers do things like that! Not at all.:)

    Nice emblem and administration building. I render in bryce from time to time as well and it is quite hard to get a night scene to turn out decnet at all. How many lights did you use in scene and are your render times……manageable?

    Looking terrific thus far. Like your last post this made me think New Worlds right off the bat. I am suprised more people didnt play that game. It had great music! But I only bought it so I could make my own colony. You original modles and images were pretty cool as well- they might be old as you say, but still…:)

  2. Thanks. Yeah, the render times are manageable. 8 minutes at last count. Only using the sun though as a light source, which I just figured out how to dim or even turn off. I have a few new background shots that look more moonlighty that I’ll be testing shortly. I have a lot of work to the buildings if I want them to look self illuminated for night time renders. Right now the windows are just black and reflective and very few of the buildings have any interior structures. Those few that do are limited detail. But I want to tweak the external atmosphere and match it as closely as possible to the background before I start building little boxes of interior habitation or alter the window settings in any way. I still need to work on details for daylight renders though if I want the images to look any less barren than they already do. 😀

  3. Hi,

    I’m very impressed by your art work.
    It’s looks great!
    But in your pics from the star base, i’m missing a little bit of running.
    Maybe a couple of shuttles and so on.
    Greeting from Germany


    • Thanks. Yeah, it is something of a ghost town right now, but I am still trying to nail down some details and atmospheric lighting. I’ll probably start putting a few shuttles, workbees and cargo pods in the near future, over in the hanger/landing pad area. 😀

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