Wow… Get’s Dark!

Where’s the bloody moon?

For a night time shot, I created some low poly interiors for the TOS space needle, went back to make some adjustments to the Bryce background settings, and finally I tweaked the Lightwave lighting in order to make things seem more realistically dark than my previous attempt (below).

I may have overdone things, but at least I now know my upper and lower limits.I really like the darker background but it looks pretty silly with too bright a setting for the principal light, in this case a dim spotlight representing an off screen moon.  Also, the colony itself simply doesn’t have enough self-illumination yet to make it look realistic enough, and  I might even need to add a little fog or haze in the foreground to help match the background’s atmospheric qualities.

I did a slighter earlier test render with just some settings changed on the space needle’s windows, mainly so they glowed on their own.

I actually thought it looked pretty silly, though honestly, not any sillier than the Starbase 11 buildings appeared in the actual TOS episodes where they were depicted; specifically, when viewed out a window at night.  And though that does possess a certain charm in the background…

It’s a little hard to take seriously as a full fledged establishing shot.


~ by starstation on January 19, 2012.

5 Responses to “Wow… Get’s Dark!”

  1. Heck, man,…you already have created a more realistic “night-time” shot than I ever was able to acheive. When you get this finalized it will be brilliant!

    Was meaning to ask: Are you planning on populating the grounds with gardens and various trees/plantings? Making this colony/base an oasis amongst the barren world…..or; what do you have in mind?

  2. Thanks! I don’t know that it will be an oasis per se. I do plan on adding sparse trees and planters, park benches and light posts, and maybe some small gardens of a sort. I’ve even experimented with grass.

    In my own mind, I’ve just thought of things as still being in the early stages (months or years) of the colony’s establishment. Starbase 11 always gave me a similar vibe with all the construction seen in the background mattes. Either way, the ground in and around the buildings is still dry and cracked, but the sidewalks and stuff have been somewhat planned out well in advance for those eventualities.

    People will be more difficult, since I’ve never been too happy with the models available for download in the 3D people driven software (DAZ 3D, Poser), at least not the stuff devoted to Trek lore. And honestly, I simply don’t currently have the time or interest to invest in modeling them myself. That’s one of the reasons why so much of my stuff looks like Star Trek immediately after the Rapture.

  3. Ah, I see….I like your reasoning. People, yep, people will be more difficult.

  4. Forgive me since this doesnt relate to the above post. I was just wondering(as I have followed your thread over on sfm), I know you have many tmp era ships in one stage of completion or other but do you have -what was it called- a Belknap type ship planned or built?

    Was just over on a blueprints website and that one caught my eye; and I was wondering what you thought of the design.

    • I like the Belknap, quite a bit. Except for the more squat secondary hull, and features like the nacelle/pylon placement, and longer interconnecting dorsal “neck,” she seems to have little real variation on the Constitution class. Don’t get me wrong, I love the differences and variations, but they seem somewhat subtle compared to the few designs I’ve taken to. I’ve also seen a few versions of that class out before, and since she is so very similar to the Constitution already I haven’t ever made specific plans to dive into that project just yet. I’ve actually never made plans to complete a Constitution since downloading Dennis Bailey’s, but anything is possible. 😀 The Belknap might make a worthy endeavor someday though. It would certainly be nice to see her nestled up to the station with other great ship designs.

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