Transporter Control Booth Backing

Some renders of the control booth graphic I did for my TMP era transporter room after a friendly request.

Rough render with no anti-aliasing, but it produced some interestingly subtle features.

A fully refined render

Blending of top two with some blurring for effect

Original back ground graphic


~ by starstation on January 22, 2012.

5 Responses to “Transporter Control Booth Backing”

  1. Hi!

    Very impressive!
    I’m sure, that you mean this:

    May I request something?
    How about interiors images from the TOS Area?


  2. Yes, that is the source. 😀

    Other than my Starbase 11 imagery I don’t do a great deal of TOS these days, and even that image is meant to be the TOS base after a few years into the movie era.

    This link here is about the most I’ve ever dived into the TOS world.

    I wouldn’t mind going back and upgrading that engineering set since I never really completed it. But it’s not a high priority at present.

  3. Thats exactly what I mean!

    Please more of this!!!! It’s great!!!!

  4. Nice! done in photoshop?

    • Thanks. Well, the background geometry was done in Photoshop and used as a self luminated UV texture on Lightwave geometry; a single plane placed behind another plane with transparency and bump maps from a simple grid type procedural texture. It was rendered in Lightwave Layout as such. Some minor touch ups in Photoshop can also be done after. 😀

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