Where’s the Yamok Sauce?

Who’d think DS9 could haunt me from my freezer?

We have a close friend across the country that sends us packages from Omaha Steaks at least once or twice a year (usually a holiday or birthday occasion).  We are always delighted to receive the package, but the color and design on the boxes just looks so Cardassian aesthetically.

I can’t help but think every time I open the freezer these days (which is all too frequently) that I’m looking at some sort of frozen shipment of regova eggs, sem’hal stew, and other Cardassian delicacies.  Lucky for us it’s just steaks and loaded potatoes.  😀

P.S.  The steak box image isn’t a shot of one of our deliveries by the way, just a quick download for illustration purposes.


~ by starstation on February 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “Where’s the Yamok Sauce?”

  1. Hahahaha!

    I agree. The Legat in charge of marketing is now a full-blown Gull becaus of his simple yet effective box top design.

  2. ^ I’d like to place an Obsidian Angus Order…

    Couldn’t resist.:)

  3. Mmmmm. Dark meat. ;D

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