Shuttle Refinement

New (old) lines

WIP as shuttle gets revamped.  Old girls put out to pasture.

Minor update

Decided to redo the main fuselage of my colony shuttle (those are the old girls in the back).  While loosely based on movie era (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier) and TNG era designs, I took some liberties when I first built it over a decade ago on my first 3D software. When I rebuilt it for Lightwave I was able to improve some features to the aft engine section (my primary focus), but I was never satisfied with the main body, which was a pretty hap hazard fill-in to begin with.
After my recent semi-success with the TMP air tram,  I figured I could make a colony shuttle with a little more complexity.  So I decided to scrap the fuselage/cabin section and try one that more closely follows the curves of the filming model.  The shuttle’s aft section (my favorite part) will mostly remain as is.  It was always meant to convey a sense of power without the need for nacelles.  Primarily meant as a go-between to service colony outposts and their orbital facilities, I didn’t feel it needed nacelles and I never much cared for the rather plain versions from The Final Frontier shuttle.  I also wanted to avoid any TNG style nacelles since this shuttle’s debut is supposed to be far prior to that time period.  After some consideration though, I’ve decided I want at least some variation of shuttle with nacelles for longer range purposes.  The Final Frontier nacelles have slowly of grown on me too.

The upper aft section fits perfectly, but the lower portion will require some major redo to fit the newer, slightly more narrow fuselage.


~ by starstation on February 19, 2012.

7 Responses to “Shuttle Refinement”

  1. Excellent! I wondered what happened to you.:)

    Shuttle looks great btw.

    • Thanks. Been a little under the weather of late and haven’t been able to enjoy the computer realm much.

  2. hmm.. i liked the non nacelle version 🙂

    new one looks great!

    • Yeah, I like the non-nacelled version too, which is why I made the aft cowling so big to begin with. It’s basically meant to be a stand-in for nacelles. The new one will also have non-nacelled version but my main concern is replacing that foward cabin/cockpit area. I really don’t like the original Lightwave version. It’s too flat and looks like somebody’s weird index finger or something.

      I’d actually like to pull off some sort of “V” “Star Trek” cross breed. No, no… No lizards with sunglasses or mammoth motherships…

      Just some sort of interchangeable front/back sectioning that allows said cockpit section to be attached to some other functional fuselage, sorta like in the two original “V” mini-series. The Visitor skyfighters essentially broke in half and the components were placed at either end of tankers and cargo/passenger shuttles (I also loved the way the doors on the skyfighters and the shuttle opened). But it would all be within the realm of the Trek-verse. It could be neat.

      But outside of mimicking what’s already been done, I don’t have any real plans for that yet. But I just LOVE interchangeable for some silly reason.

  3. I was wondering…what is the biggest shuttle type vehicle from that area? Were there a cargo shuttle or similar? Anything about as big as a runabout?

    • From that period, probably the largest on-screen auxiliary vehicle is the executive shuttle from The Undiscovered Country. It’s probably comparable to a runabout, but I don’t know the exact scale. Considering you can count all the auxiliary craft from the movie era on your own two hands, such shuttles are actually rare fruit. Of course, Starships not withstanding, I can’t fathom an entire Federation and Starfleet operating their wide range of services on just those seven (to my recollection) fingers. 😉 Of course that is why fans love to go crazy cultivating those seeds. 😀

  4. Agreed! Thanks for the info, Basill.:)

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