Home Stretch

Nearly there

Filling in the minor details

Added in the thrusters, hatches, nacelle pylons, and some grill texture on the forward interior of the cowling.  The numbers on the were previously texture work, but I’ve replaced them with stencil work on the mesh and added one to the front of the cockpit area as well.


Grill work can be seen better here with the light on the other side.

Aft details were a worry

The lower aft section needed some tweaking in order to fit the new fuselage, but the alterations weren’t as drastic as I anticipated.  I was able to use all of the same elements with some tapering of the frame and resizing of the individual greebles.

I can’t wait to replace the shuttles in my station scenes. 😀  These nacelled versions won’t fit in my Phobos shuttle bay storage areas I’m afraid. 😦


~ by starstation on February 27, 2012.

8 Responses to “Home Stretch”

  1. Very cool. So these are basically warp-capable versions of your original shuttle, the whole aft end is a big impulse block, correct?

    Love the detailing!:)

  2. Thanks for the info. Hey ,since you are making and have made movie quality ships do you plan on making the movie era shuttle to go along with this one – to flesh out scenes and the like?

    • I’ve thought about it, but it’s not a high priority. There are elements of that model I really like, especially the aft section, but there are a few smooth and blendy features that might prove difficult. Curves and blends are my nemesis, though they can prove a filling challenging.

      I’d actually like to finish the TMP styled shuttle with docking ring I began a few years ago. I’d also like a version of the tug from TSFS and TVH. That would fit really well on the Starstation. 😀

  3. Don’t remember the one with the docking ring…. but if it has been a few years then I have most likely forgotten. The movie shuttle is cool and like you said potentialy difficult to do(I have a hard time with blends and curves myself) but you are a fantastic modeler and I think you could turn out one just fine,…eventually.

    Yeah, the tug (Clydesdale?) was awesome and would look great in and about Starstation India.:)

  4. ^ Eventually as in whenever you felt like modeling it, that is.:)

  5. I’ve added a couple of images of the docking ring shuttle onto the Akyazi Class McCook’s page.


    I thought they were in there, but I realized I never finished it and never rendered the shuttle in and of itself. I only ever rendered test shots showing it docking with the McCook, and they were only posted on Scifi-Meshes.

    I had also planned on building some sort of clamp system for that particular shuttle to permanently dock with that class ship, but I never got around to it. I might start tinkering with that shuttle next. It would also be welcome on the station. 😀

  6. Cool! Sort of like the top bit of a warp sled( or what ever it’s called). i like it.

    I will say that you are on the ball. You have been modeling like crazy here lately…so Well done!:)

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