Finish Line

For now…

Almost there, but I’ll be taking a break from this baby for a while.  There are some more details I want to add and a few more edges here and there I would like to round or chamfer, but It’s functional enough for background shots and filler.

I actually started a version with an open hatch and I might want to further flesh out the low poly interior.  Right now the interior is just some form-fitted walls with disconnected floor and ceiling planes, essentially forming a simple husk around the hatches to give the barest illusion of an interior.  I had to go with a sliding hatch because this particular model is shorter than The Final Frontier version, which implements its side hatch further back on a more straightened section of hull.  Closer to the front on this more inwardly curved hull and the hatch just won’t pop open as effectively as the TFF version.  So, I’ve made one that falls back and slides into a recess within the hull, not too unlike the TOS version (another shuttle variant I might want to play with soon).  I don’t have all the kinks worked out, but it looks good in parking mode. 😀  I might make a longer version that allows for the other hatch type.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll put a view port in the door, though I really would like one.  I hated that the TFF version only had exterior views out the cockpit (given fully closed hatches).  However, I think it’s still a little early for the TNG style side view ports, cool as they are.  And though I’ve also considered putting some familiarly stylized names on the shuttles, I haven’t managed to think of any names for them just yet.

I did some renders last night and realized I still had a bunch of smoothing errors to work out, so that took up most of my yesterday before I was able to finish with this shot late last night.  I’m pretty pleased finally.  I’ll shortly be posting a revision of the station’s cargo maintenance bay shot with the newer shuttles in place.

~ by starstation on March 5, 2012.

5 Responses to “Finish Line”

  1. Great work Basill. That is a lovely little shuttle. Looking forward to seeing what all you do to this one and varients thereof. Not to mention the ol’ tos version you mentioned….:)

    Quick question: Would this shuttle with the new nacelles fit into the Phobos if you were to lower the impulse block any? I was just wondering what that would look like lowered…also, have you ever thought about matching the outer curve of the impulse block with the curve of the new hull? Or do you prefer it less curved like it is. Anyways…..brilliant as always!

    • Thanks Road.

      Alas, I fear the only way this shuttle would fit in the Phobos storage bays (my version of the Phobos interior anyway), with the nacelles, is if something were to give on that upper portion. I haven’t actually tried to squeeze one in though. I suppose the large tanks could probably disappear from the nacelle version if necessary, though even that might not be sufficient. However, the entire shuttle may just need to be rescaled, as I never really measured the overall fit when I placed it in the storage alcove. I really just eyeballed it for the few shots I’ve rendered of the Phobos shuttle bay with the shuttle in place. they would fit even better without the nacelles as the new fuselage is actually a little shorter than the original one.

      I am very happy with the impulse block as it is though, so the curves and contours are right where I want them. 😀

      The “ol’ TOS version” I’m thinking of doing will be only loosely based on the actual canon version, as it will be more akin to a concept sketch done by the Galileo’s original concept designer Thomas Kellogg ( it’s visible on Doug Drexler’s blog- ). It’s a little sleeker than the versions built as either full-scale mock up or special effect miniature. In this way it appears as if maybe it could pass as a little newer than the actual TOS shuttles realized on screen.

      • Cool! I had seen that concept pic before but never knew the story behind it. So thanks for the link. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Loving this thing!

    and, from previous comment on the V shuttle ( need to try to visit ur site more often! only remember when you post on SFM..!) I like the Idea that this would happen in Star Trek with the modules, as seen in the runabouts with the middle section (un seen….) I remember Mark making a new runabout with different modules underneath it ( was a 2 story runabout) That is something that is rarely explored in the fan community 🙂

    I see this as something like the class 2/type 9 of the Movie era.. not to much room, but fast! 🙂

    • Thanks. I love the “V” shuttles and strangely enough (perhaps not coincidentally- I dunno), both they and the TNG shuttles (most of them anyhow) remind me of either snakes or reptiles.

      I also ADORE the modularity of the Runabouts. I only wish that aspect of the runabouts could have been better utilized on DS9. I also wish that actual set, built as the aft section of a runabout (for of all things a TNG episode-“Timescape”), would have made more authentic appearances in DS9. The actual appearances of that set on DS9 were all redresses to represent entirely different interior spaces.

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