Yet another re-render of Starstation India’s cargo maintenance bay, this time with the better realized shuttlecraft.  I was also able to reproduce the visual threshold of a more accurately scaled workbee/cargo sled passing through the bay door’s environmental shield.  The first version of this effect was a lot of fun, but it was early in the modeling process.  At the time, the vehicle was too small and the bay itself was far less fleshed out.  Luckily I saved the individual elements in Photoshop and they transferred over perfectly into Pixelmator allowing me to tweak their size and placement in the shot.

I also played around with another previously posted image, “Licking Her Wounds.”  I put some furniture in the more starkly equipped upper level concourse.  Though comfortable in appearance, these furnishings are far less lounge like and mostly represent just rows of seating for passengers awaiting their boarding times.  They are a large lot of comfy cube like chairs out towards the large view ports (multiple rows) and there is a line of smaller chairs attached to an inner wall.  The furnishings are very hard to see at this distance, but they do break up the monotony of floor, and being low poly they aren’t much to look at anyway.  There is still a large portion of the upper section that needs more furniture and detailing, but my rendering engine may have reached its limit with this shot.  The new additions are all very low poly count, but I still managed to get a memory error when I tried to render as is.  I actually had to pull the McCook out of the shot to reduce the number of calculations and then Photoshopped the new line of furnished view ports into an older render of the McCook berthed at the station.  I will have to follow this same procedure if I want to fill in the remaining view ports.

I also added a few more auxiliary vessels (workbees and shuttles) to the mix as well.

3-10-12: Minor update to the upper concourse-  Added more seating as well as color and texture alterations


~ by starstation on March 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Revamps”

  1. The shuttle looks great tucked in there in the first pic!

    The second one is great too, as I loved the original version as well.

    You do have a MASSIVE station after all!:) What are your machine specs again? I can’t remember if you mentioned that over on sfm or not.

    • Thanks. Yeah, the station is pretty big, but I think the Mushroom Spacedock at Earth still manages to blow this one out of the water in terms of scale. 😀

      I don’t remember if I ever posted my computer’s spec on SciFi or not, but it’s just a little Mac Mini from about 3 years ago or so. I don’t have it here with me at the moment (at work) but I know while purchasing it, I got the higher end processor and did an upgrade of the RAM from 2 to 4 Ghz, but of course it might as well be a dinosaur now. At the time it was the most powerful thing I’d ever worked with. 😀 I still love it, it is so tiny and cute, but I fear her time on this Earth is fading.

  2. Those are both looking really good.

    • Thanks. Of course they just revamps of previously released stuff, but I love having the ability to further improve an image’s quality (though I wouldn’t need to if I had enough patience to finish the models to begin with 😉 ).

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