A Passing Fancy…

Or something fancy just passing through?

The Phobos from the concourse officer’s lounge- Updated

After all the recent reworks on Star Station India and the McCook in port, I just needed to feel that “sense of station” I crave.  Not very original, but I thought I would throw together another easy view out the lounge of the main concourse, this time with the Phobos as guest star.  After all, I love variations on a theme. Well, in this case… talk about not easy. Nothing went as planned and after the now permanent changes I’ve made to the detailed interior (I made a few adjustments to that portion this weekend as well), I am polywacked. Like the previous McCook image, I simply had to yank some large elements out of the scene so the computer could calculate it’s prey. The lucky thing about this shot is, I didn’t have to Photoshop anything together. I simply removed the interior space from view and rendered the shot from inside with a mere husk of the space station enclosing it.  It created a dark shell that blocked the view where the stations frame elements persist, but that was all. I was then able to render the interior all alone with the former image now as background and they blended seamlessly. 😀

Like most images, it’s really just a test shot to see where the biggest cracks are, but sometimes you still need to sit back and take a breather after it’s all over when things don’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped. So, I present this as a WIP. I chose to use a “powered down” version of Kevin Riley’s Phobos that I modified way back when.  I was even delighted to realize after loading it into the scene that it had the under saucer airlock I constructed for it years ago (totally forgot about that), perfectly placed to be shown off in this shot.

So, my quips with this shot?  There appear to be some interior spaces across the way that aren’t present.  The most noticeable is the maintenance bay on the other side, which should at least have closed doors if no interior.  I am in the process of modifying all the separate models currently in order to ensure there are no duplications of layers (I had to break the station into distinct entities for sanity’s sake).  I might have accidentally thrown a few too many layers out when setting up the scene, but I was trying desperately to reduce poly count.  Fixable.

The ship itself may not be correctly scaled the station, but I was just eyeballing it again.  The saucer might not be properly aligned with the gangway either.  Tweakable.

Other than that, the glow feature settings seem to be a bit intense and overdone, so I’ll have to make some adjustments, either to the models or the render settings.  All fixable problems in the end, and after all, life is a work in progress. 😀

Updated: Scale turned out to be pretty spot on, so that was a non-issue.  I re-rendered the background shot with the far away interiors and bay doors put back in place.  Also reduced not the glow, but turns out the intensity level of the few lights I had issue with on the Phobos.  Turns out I had set them pretty darn high in my early inexperienced days (500 %) which always causes me problems in the here and now.

Of humorous note, I had set up a travel pod to render in the original background shot that apparently I had made entirely invisible for possible memory conflicts.  When I re-rendered the background shot I made it visible again, but was so unhappy with the results… I left it out of the editing process. 😀

Now I need to go back and apply those UV textures that are visible on the one side of the pier to both sides, as when seen from this angle, the opposite side looks rather naked by comparison.  Actually, I really need to tailor some UV maps specific to each large surface on the station, but I am not even close to that yet.



~ by starstation on March 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “A Passing Fancy…”

  1. Excellent! Nice work as usual, Basill.

  2. Sweet! I always love seeing the Phobos!

  3. Thanks guys. I too love the Phobos. It is simply one of the best and original fan interpretations of Starfleet ship design I’ve ever seen.

    I updated the image last night with a few improvements (most are listed in the blog). I might try and render a new shot of the concourse lounge’s recent minor upgrades. Though, I have a few other things I really must complete before the tides of my attention span wane as they do. So it might be a few more days.

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